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CantaEspañol is a program designed for children from 6 months to 4 years old. Through songs, musical games, dance, puppets, play instruments and movement, your child will be totally engaged in the Spanish language. In addition, these interactive activities will serve to develop self expression and social skills. Conducted completely in Spanish, the CantaEspañol class will introduce Spanish into your child’s life in a lively and super fun way!  Parents and guardians should come ready to play and participate.

Ana Campos-Stephens is from Lima-Perú. She studied voice and drama at the Peruvian Theater Center in Lima. She has sung in Latin orchestras in Lima, Madrid and New York and has performed as an actress, puppeteer and animator for children’s events for more then 20 years. She founded CantaEspañol in 2013, a musical program that introduces Spanish to children through songs, instruments, dance and puppetry. Stage credits include award winning musicals with the Society of the Educational Arts (Teatro SEA): Rafael Hernandez…Romance, A 3 Voces, The Toothache of King Farfán, The Crazy Adventures of Don Quixote, The Legends of the Enchanted, Treasure, The Three Little Pigs, Martina, The Little Roach, and Sueño just to name a few, and other productions such as; La del Soto del Parral and La Parranda, zarzuelas with Thalia Spanish Theater; and They’ve Got Death Bound Up with the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. 

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